bromeliae species group

The bromeliae species group is a small, poorly known group of Neotropical flower feeding species (Wheeler, 1982, 1986). Currently, this group contains four described species (Val and Marques, 1996; Baechli, 2005). Tatarenkov and Ayala (2001) considered the bromeliae group to be the sister taxon of the nannoptera species group, while Remsen and O’Grady (2002) suggested that the mesophragmatica group was more closely related to the bromeliae species. The former placement is better supported, both in terms of character and morphology (both groups have prescutellar setae). Throckmorton (1975) considered the nannoptera, bromeliae, and peruviana groups to be close relatives on the basis of internal anatomy. Members of the flower breeding peruviana and flavopilosa species groups should be examined to more clearly understand the evolution of this group.

(excerpted from Markow and O’Grady, 2006, Chapter 1)

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