General Drosophila links

  • Bloomington Drosophila Stock CenterThe Bloomington Stock Center collects, maintains and distributes Drosophila melanogaster strains for research. They also have information about import permits from the USDA.
  • Ehime University photographsPhotograph of 102 species of Drosophila in Drosophila stocks of Ehime University.
  • EHIME-FlyDrosophila Stocks of Ehime University! The EHIME-Fly is part of the National BioResource Project started in 2002.
  • FlyBaseFlyBase is a database of genetic and molecular data for Drosophila. FlyBase is produced by a consortium of researchers funded by the National Institutes of Health, U.S.A., and the Medical Research Council, London.
  • KYORIN-FlyFly Stocks of Kyorin University. The KYORIN-Fly is part of the National BioResource Project started in 2002.
  • TaxoDrosThe database on Taxonomy of Drosophilidae. Compiled by Gerhard Bächli. One of many useful tools is a geography search engine that is useful for determining the species found in a particular global region.
  • UT drawingsColor illustrations of several species of Drosophilidae.

Genome and Sequencing Projects

  • Compendium of Drosophila Genome AssembliesThis compendium was put together by the Bergman Lab (University of Manchester, UK), and is a great compilation of all the Drosophila genome resources that are publicly available.
  • Assembly/Alignment/Annotation of 12 related Drosophila speciesA source for sequences, assemblies, annotations and analyses of the genomes of members of the fruitfly genus Drosophlia. A resource for Drosophilists and other researchers interested in comparative analysis of these species and their genomes.
  • FlyBase BLAST ServiceThis allows BLAST searches (protein and DNA) for the 21 sequenced Drosophila genomes.
  • Muller Element Arm Synteny TableFlyBase is providing this table that will allow our users to easily view the syntenic relationships among the arms of the 12 sequenced genomes. We have incorporated into the table a view of the phylogenetic relationships of the species, their standard chromosomal numbering and the corresponding Muller element.
  • National Human Genome Research InstituteNHGRI currently supports a number of other Drosophila genomic sequencing projects: Drosophila simulansD. yakubaD. ananassaeD. erectaD. willistoniD. grimshawiD. mojavensisD. virilisD. persimilis, and D. sechellia.
  • D. simulans Genome webpageThis website includes links to the trace archive and research status for D. simulans w[101].
  • D. yakuba Genome webpageThis website includes links to the trace archive, research status and the D. yakuba assembly.

Other Links

  • Drosophila LabsThis is an incomplete list of Drosophila researchers around the world.
  • Exploratorium ExhibitMutant Fruit Flies exhibit at the Exploratorium in San Francsisco. A very basic explanation of commonly-used Drosophila melanogaster mutations.
  • FlyTrapThe FlyTrap web site acts as a central data repository for Drosophila melanogaster transgenic lines being created using an intron protein trap strategy. It contains mostly germline expression patterns.
  • Phylogenetic TreesThis tree is meant to be a qualitative guide, any quantitative information available can be seen below the tree diagrams. This tree was created by Jennifer Kirkland. This page was last updated in September 2000.
  • Previous Fly MeetingsLinks to previous Drosophila meetings.
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