picture wing species group

The picture wing species are undoubtedly the best-studied in the Hawaiian Drosophila. The monophyly and phylogenetic relationships have been tested with chromosomal (Carson et al., 1967), morphological (Kaneshiro et al., 1995), and molecular (Kambysellis et al., 1995) characters. Several groups nested within the original picture wing species group (sensu: Throckmorton, 1966) have, at various times, been referred to as species groups themselves (see Kaneshiro et al., 1995). This has led to confusion about taxonomic ranks and nomenclature within this group. For this reason, as well as to reflect the wealth of phylogenetic information indicating monophyly of major groups within this clade, we follow Kaneshiro et al., (1995) in referring to the larger assemblage as the picture wing clade and the major lineages as species groups.

While the bulk of the data currently support the monophyly of the picture wings as a whole, expanded taxonomic sampling in one recent study (Bonacum, 2001), suggests with modest support that the nudidrosophila (Bonacum, 2001) species group may be nested within the picture wings. In lieu of additional phylogenetic work specifically addressed at testing the monophyly of the picture wings and the placement of nudidrosophila relative to this group, we designate the picture wings as a clade (sensu Kaneshiro et al. 1995).

(excerpted from O’Grady et al., 2008)

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